Syria – spoiled FRIDAY OF DIGNITY

The pleasant Syrian countryside
originally uploaded by CharlesFred

After Tunisia and Egypt, Bahrain and Libya: now also in Syria is unrest. Let’s hope, that there is not too much blood shed …

Syria, Friday of dignity, freedom, Dara, Damascus, Sanamein, Lattakia,8599,2061452,00.html?xid=newsletter-europe-weekly

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6 responses to “Syria – spoiled FRIDAY OF DIGNITY

  1. All we can do is hope and pray. The world has gone crazy.


  2. Yes, hope and prayers. May the Lord keep them safe.


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  4. Barb… so true. It is like the cauldron has bubbled over…. Frizztext and this is part of the reason for my post, no?


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    all depends on the chief and the action of the military force


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