Peaceful Revolution

It’s clever to find the methods for a PEACEFUL REVOLUTION. German people did 1989 – supported by Russia and some other nations behind the “IRON CURTAIN“. The Berlin wall fell. Personally important for me too, because my mother lived on the other side of that wall. It’s sad the Arab youth revolt between despair and rage, violence and resignation, does not has the same chance. Let’s hope, that all actors on both sides of the battle in Tunisia and Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, Syria and Libya soon discover, that they should change their methods. Not the level of weapons should be in the focus but the level of the political and moral correctness, the level of a distinguished, civilized conflict style.

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4 responses to “Peaceful Revolution

  1. Amen to that brother!


  2. War is never an answer… it saddens me too. Why the template change?


    • the dark-framed choco template / theme makes me feel like a horse with two black squares beside the eyes, a too narrow point of view – I prefer the wide open bright grey of the PAPERPUNCH theme again – aesthetically near to my daily newspaper reading stylish grey-white mood 🙂
      for me also interesting Wu Wei used by giuliano in sao paulo – but there are problems with my a to z categories on the head of the page …


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