How do you find your muse?

Scott Berkun asked on THE DAILY POST:

How do you find your muse?

When you sit down to blog,

or have a creative project of any kind you need to work on,

how do you get yourself motivated to do it?

What are your rituals or habits?

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Sitting in my favorite living room, very early in the morning, 5-7, typing in some tags, watching what ZEMANTA search-machine discovers, reading, comparing, thinking, writing. And it is quiet. And my cat is watching me friendly, sitting by my side, purring.

Strike Cat =^..^=
Cat =^..^= by Frizztext, on Flickr

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writer, photographer, guitarist

7 responses to “How do you find your muse?

  1. I love yur cat… shes so cute 🙂


  2. I find my muse sometimes in the late evening and sometimes in the early morning on one of my pc_s working with photoshop

    my digital pictures are not the end of a process
    they are like a sketch for me and they are created now on my pc with my heart and brain
    now sometimes i try make a treatment on a famous painting of a well known artist to give the work new touch

    by this way, i have 4 black cats but they are slepping or hunting a mouse in the time i find my muse

    :-)) wolfgang


  3. Sounds like perfect musing to me, especially having your cat watch you – a very good looking cat at that!


  4. Cracka of a photo & I am not even a cat person.


  5. OMG You should do a feature on your four cats. Love it! That cat is fearless… and a top model. 🙂


  6. How cute! And nostalgic feel


  7. I can feel the early morning atmosphere in your post…


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