Fukushima 50

Sometimes the population of a whole nation needs some heroes. Japan hopes, that the “Fukushima 50″ will protect the island against a nuclear catastrophe. Maybe 140 firemen join from Tokyo with heavy equipment. I’ve heard, that in Chernobyl were “3940 deaths from radiation-induced cancer and leukemia among emergency workers …” (salon.com)
photo by kilometro 00 / Enrico Colussi, Treviso, Italy on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!

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14 responses to “Fukushima 50

  1. es sind ja viel mehr, da immer wieder neue 50 die alten 50 verstrahlten ablösen –

    in diesem zusammenhang sei erwähnt dass sich im 2.weltkrieg aus dem japanischen piloten als kamikaze flieger für japan geopfert haben




  2. ich habe den Eindruck, dass man, um auf dieser Insel weiterhin zu bleiben, prinzipiell eine Art von Kamikaze-Mentalität benötigt. Wie sagte doch Nietzsche: Irrsinn ist etwas, was bei einzelnen eher selten auftritt, bei Gruppen, Parteien, Völkern aber die Regel ist …


  3. ogni giorno lottiamo, nel nostro piccolo, per una vita migliore…


  4. It cannot be easy!


  5. kilometro 00 / Enrico Colussi, the photographer, read his comment above:
    ogni giorno lottiamo, nel nostro piccolo, per una vita migliore…
    me, trying to translate:
    every day we struggle in our small, for a better life …


  6. related:
    you (thelaughinghousewife, UK) wrote: “Yet all we see on the news are polite bows as a soldier helps an elderly woman discover the body of her dead mother; lengthy queues outside food shops; people willingly taking on dangerous jobs for the greater good…”
    frizztext: compare that with the behavior in Haiti, where the UN was forced to give food only to female persons, because the male were not able to stand in a row …


  7. P.S.:
    question: human beings had their evacuation near the nuclear power plant,
    but what’s about the cats and dogs?


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