Long Live, Nippon

Originally uploaded by Yellow Earth 168

If earthquake, hide under a table.

If tsunami run uphill!

If nuclear catastrophe?

I’ve heard, that some airlines

demanded 7.000 $ for

a seat in economy class to

leave Tokyo by airplane.

Not a solution for millions …

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3 responses to “Escape

  1. go as far away as it is possible for you
    in austria the people said no to the nuclear power
    but this does not help us because around of our small country there are a lot of AKW
    ::-(( wolfgang


  2. It’s sad that even when there’s a possibility of a nuclear meltdown, airlines still are not sympathetic to people’s plight. I mean, ok, business is business, but I would love to tell them, “Where’s your humanity, man?” It’s really so sad.


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