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USS Tortuga (LSD 46).Ready to support earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan
USS Tortuga (LSD 46)
Ready to support earthquake
and tsunami relief efforts in Japan
uploaded to flickr and
sent to my group BLOG IT!
by Loco Steve

Only 50 Japanese engineers left on the Fukushima nuclear plant, 800 worked there before. US aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” retreated, as they noticed that the radiation level was too high. Some European rescue teams also left the country in fear of a nuclear meltdown. How to bring millions of human beings into safety if the radiation level explodes after a complete nuclear meltdown? If things are out of control, engineering comes to an end and praying starts?

USS Ronald Reagan traveling through the Strait...

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One response to “Support retreats

  1. habe gerade in arte einen bericht über tschernobyl 1986 und seine folgen gesehen –
    damals gab es die gleiche verharmlosung und beschwichtigung wie heute durch
    verlogene kraftwerksbetreiber und hilflose politiker –
    man ist versucht all denen eine ordentliche strahlendosis zu wünschen


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