Haiku for Fukushima

HELP !!!

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There’s nuclear rain
falling, and we’re in trouble –
oh Fukushima!
Haiku / Senryū (rule: 5,7,5)
by frizztext
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18 responses to “Haiku for Fukushima

  1. Oh Fukushima, indeed. Let’s hope for the best.


  2. Thank you so much for listing my haiku on your post! 🙂 I am honored.


  3. Last night I was watching a shown on CNN by Anderson Cooper who is currently in Japan. The situation does not look so promising. Also, apparently, the company (i believe its call Tokyo Power Co. or something) that owns the nuclear plants has not been forthcoming with the truth and on-time details. It is a very sad plight. I pray for the Japanese people every morning and night. Thanks for spreading the word and creating more awareness.


  4. oops. typo – not shown on but show on


  5. Haiku or Senryu?

    I think it’s the last one …


  6. We are all with our hearts in our mouths… Thank you! 😦
    By the way, I deleted my first post on “Home” and re-wrote it… Do stop by.
    Thanks again!


  7. we are all with you and the poor people


  8. http://cocomino.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/lets-step-back-in-time/#comment-801
    Germans, I’m sure,
    would leave the whole Japanese island in wild panic.
    Reading the blog of cocomino – notice her icon above -,
    we maybe learn, how to handle a catastrophe with dignity …


  9. P.S.:
    question: human beings had their evacuation near the nuclear power plant,
    but what’s about the cats and dogs?


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