wrestling against gravity
wrestling against gravity Originally uploaded by David Mor for BLOG IT!

The photographer David Mor made a great shot there in Jerusalem. My heart is touched not only, because I all my life was related to the Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus, not only because I am shocked (as we all) by the current nuclear disaster in Japan. My father was a baker. He is dead in the meantime (we all shall be), but this photo makes him alive again in my heart.

The photographer David Mor commented himself:
I can assure you the sweet buns are delicious especially when they are straight from the oven but to get them fresh and at a fair price you must be up before sunrise and find the bakery in a small dark alley somewhere in the Muslim quarter…

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6 responses to “Sisyphus

  1. Jackie Paulson 1966

    I am glad to know your father was a baker, they are such talented people. I cannot really cook or bake and I am a female. We grew up in a family owned restaurant and ate there too much. LOL


  2. Fantastic… You usually write out of the box stuffs…


  3. That is an amazing shot… such strength and determination…


  4. lovelöy shot to a bad accident


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