After that apocalypse in Japan: it’s the end of music for me…

[A day on the Yamanote line]
– Osaki – 08:22 – originally uploaded by
fabuchan = Fabrizio Q., London, U.K.

After that apocalypse in Japan, it’s the end of music for me. After 9/11 in the year 2001 I started to criticize religious fundamentalism, which can grow to hate and blind violence. After that was happened  on Friday the  11th of March 2011 now to Japan: I lost my enthusiastic passion for music. That seems to be silly now for me. Maybe even colors. Thanks to “fabuchan”, who sent his black and white photo of a subway in JAPAN to my group BLOG IT! [160yen – A day on the Yamanote line – Osaki Station – 08:22 – Rush hour]. Maybe I even become religious again and pray …


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19 responses to “End-of-music

  1. You better keep the music… it comforts the soul.


  2. related:
    ELIZ: “In the aftermath of the events that devastated Japan”
    frizz: … our topics and thoughts will change, our ART and our communication.
    ELIZ: “…time ticks on, gathering our memories, sweeping us all forward to meet our own destinies…”
    frizz: … maybe it is too trivial in the future to make happy music. For sure, the rules of blogging will develop from talking about oneself up to connect the world as one family.


  3. related:
    written in AVA’s Blog: In Buddhist teaching, the law of karma, says only this: “for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.”
    dear Ava,
    if I would be religious in such a way, I maybe would believe, that the cruel whaling actions of Japan causes a revenge organized by the ocean. But related to the skepticism of Socrates I know: WRONG. A Tsunami has his own rules. Nuclear plant areas in an earthquake region also. A crowded island with a nuclear fallout will bring some apocalyptic experiences. I think whether the Karma-theory nor a Christian Bible nor Greek, Japanese or Arabian Gods can help in such a situation. Engineering will be the only rescue. Maybe to put that cold salty ocean water into the open mouth of that exploded nuclear reactor at the coast of Japan.


  4. related:
    eine solche katastrophe wie jetzt in japan wird ähnlich wie 9/11 eine menge dinge, gedanken, ziele: ändern


  5. related:
    sometimes we need lyrics to soothe our frightened souls …


  6. Wolfgang Hermann

    das leben auf der erde geht vorläufig weiter
    aber auch die nicht unmittelbar betroffenen sollten was daraus lerrnen


  7. Please keep the music. It inspires and consoles weary minds.


  8. Wolfgang Hermann

    your not playing cannot help the people in japan
    hear the sad musik of miles davis
    it will help you
    and i am sure you will start after a while with your wondereful guitar playing
    :-)) wolfgang


  9. Thank you very much for that link, but as you can see from my comments list in the sidebar I don’t blog for feedback. At about 500 hits a day I think that is just fine since they all come from Google.


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