JAPAN – apocalypse

Tsunami hits Japan after 8.9 earthquake and causes major damage. Tokyo Skyscrapers are built well, but more than thousand people dead, four trains missed, a problem on a nuclear power plant is not under control! Sometimes we wish to live high above on a mountain top – or we wish we could save all souls on earth in a boat like Noah did …
the photo below is by Yukinori http://www.flickr.com/people/violet321000/, he lives in Tokyo; we wish him to have strong nerves …
view from St. Luke’s Tower
title=”view from St. Luke’s Tower” by Jasmin・゜゜・*:, living in Tokyo, Japan, originally uploaded on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!

Fantasic city TOKYO゜゜・*:
Fantasic city TOKYO゜゜・*: Originally uploaded by Jasmin・゜゜・*: sent to my group BLOG IT!


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14 responses to “JAPAN – apocalypse

  1. our prayers from Germany, no earthquakes here, but my daughter, an architect, planned to visit Japan next week to study anti-earthquake skyscraper-engineering …


  2. Jackie Paulson 1966

    We all pray and I pray all is well with you.


  3. solch eine katastrophe konnte sich niemand vorstellen
    das leid dahinter ist unermeßlich
    die folgen werden weltweit zu spüren sein

    der mensch ist den naturgewalten ausgeliefert
    auch wenn er oft glaubt alles zu beherrschen
    :-(( wolfgang


  4. It is all so sad… Thank you for the beautiful photos and the link. So much strife in the world… we must appreciate our time.


  5. It’s very very sad :(. God be with them.


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