Women’s Day

woman's day

title=”woman’s day” by chertichego = Nastia in Russia

In Germany we use the phrase “tomatoes on the eyes” to indicate that someone closes his eyes to important insights. That he does not want to admit something that is quite obvious – for others. You have to have two tomatoes fixed on your eyes, not to see, that in most countries of the world the work of women is paid worse than men’s work. Feminists have pointed out that time and again. Comparing the European countries with Germany the equality of women is not very good in my country. Women at work are still paid less than men. Few women in leadership positions can be found. Traditional patriarchal society? No chances to change? As a father of working daughters (architect, banker) I follow with interest the debate about the right to equal pay in the workplace. “Chertichego” set online the tomato-portrait on the International World Women’s Day. Since then, I remember (when I see a tomato) the unequal pay for women – and the lack of women in leader positions.

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16 responses to “Women’s Day

  1. I love the tomato analogy… and yes, we are underpaid… Wow! Frizztext, I love that you bring this up because it is National Women’s History Month in the USA and we need to say more about these issues…
    Thanks again for bringing it up; I’m surprised that Angela Merkel hasn’t said more about it.


    • Hi Elizabeth, you know Angela Merkel, of course. I heard of Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda. Which women are noticed outside of Germany? Heidi Klum? Alice Schwarzer (women’s lib activist)? Actress Maria Furtwängler? Or maybe Marlene Dietrich?


  2. Angela Merkel, female chancellor of Germany, of course has interest to support the International Women’s Day giving some interviews …


  3. Because I know Rita Banerji, female political activist for women’s rights in INDIA:


  4. related:
    Cathy from: Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


    • cathybok

      thanks for writing this and sharing with the world. Yes, equal pay for women in my country (Malaysia) is common, and we are striving to search for women of excellence at workforce too!


  5. an impressive post. thanks!


  6. I had never heard of International Women’s Day till now. What planet am I on??? Inspiring post! K


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    The Masai Necklace.
    annamaria kaiser in ROME


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