Faults + anxiety

Rachel Kolly d’Alba
Originally uploaded by 1D110

I like the sound of a violin. But it is difficult to play a violin. I always had too much fear to make faults. So I’ve chosen to learn guitar only. When I play on stage I am very anxious. So I usually visit weekly a record studio. If I make faults, I have the chance to repeat that fragment. Step by step I can make it better. I am looking forward to have a perfect CD without any flaw, blemish, without mistakes, errors and incorrect parts. Thanks high-tech! You diminished my anxiety.
youtube video: Rachel Kolly d’Alba – “Passion Ysaye”

more about her on her own website http://www.racheldalba.com/

title=”Italians” by Giancarlo Rado, Treviso

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8 responses to “Faults + anxiety

  1. erinnert mich an meine jugendzeit, in der ich ein dixie fan war und immer wieder nach münchen fuhr um dort die nächte in den jazzlokalen ( allotria jazzband ?) herum zuhängen oder an ein konzert von chris barber in köln,
    nun bin ich auf der coolen seite gelandet und höre oft miles davis
    lg wolfgang


  2. grahambledeggs

    Some musicians focus so much on the technical aspect of their playing that they forget to play musically. Getting all of the right notes is nothing if you don’t have the expression to go with it.

    And even the best professionals make mistakes! They’re just really good at hiding them. 🙂


  3. Finally catching up… Trying to shake a cold and get some rest. Love the title… enjoy the music and ignore the faults.


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