Brasilian Carnival

Carnival parade in São Paulo, Gaviões da Fiel ...

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“In the last decades it really turned into a party for tourists mainly because the natives have no money to attend. They put on the show but they don’t participate as much as they would like. A side effect is that the prices are really high. Yesterday I was invited but a place like I was could cost more that 500 US easily…”

via Samba!!! « The eternal solitude of the restless Mind.

frizztext: interesting to read the analysis from giulas41, a blogger in Sao Paulo. Yes, Carnival was changed by the globalisation of boobs, money, noise and crowd chaos…

greetings from Germany, we have today our Carnival in Cologne – not as expensive as in Brazil, but with a mountain of bad music … – and less boobs, because it is cold outside.

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8 responses to “Brasilian Carnival

  1. I love carnival… but your comment about carnival in Germany made me laugh out loud!


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  3. Das wäre mal was, Karneval in Brasilien…


  4. ich war noch nicht (beim carneval) in rio , aber beim carneval in venedig muß man leider feststelllen, das er von einem volksfest zu einer müden attraktion für touristen und zu einer geschäftemacherei verkommen ist


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