Santorini Blues

Maybe Santorini is one of the nicest islands, if you want to forget hectic modern times – enjoy my “Santorini Blues”, a slide show by frizztext, photos by Barbara Fritze, music by Chrysantos, originally uploaded at Flickr

below: a second Santorini slide show, embedded music now played by myself on my guitar …
indeed, we had a wonderful time on that island. in the little village OIA automobiles are not allowed to drive. so it is very quiet there – before nine o’clock: then the first tourists flood the small streets. the best time is from 4 to 9 p.m. – only some birds flying, some donkeys carrying some baggage for hotels; street gangs of dogs enjoying the first morning sun, cats saying hello … (a little critic: so many dogs, cats, donkeys on that island but only 1 vet!)


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7 responses to “Santorini Blues

  1. I have been to Santorini for graduation trip ten years ago.
    I remembered the beautiful evening sun at Oia.Thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautiful and Santorini is gorgeous.


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