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A friend of mine, a professional musician, was kind enough to take me into his record studio. I’m playing guitar only sometimes just for fun, but he helped to get my walking bass (1), the chord progression (2) and some childish single note runs (3) of my guitar saved as a mp3 file. He tried to make it not too boring for listeners – and added friendly some organ breaks and percussion. I am very glad about this: Feeling like Christmas.
I’ve added some pictures from New York and Amsterdam, Venice, Berlin and my hometown Wuppertal to get a slide show / video. Title: TRAFFIC. I hope you like it too …


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12 responses to “Traffic – Slide Show

  1. I like that description of feeling like its Christmas… Oh now I see the Zemanta recommended article. I wonder how it makes a determination on what to offer. I use it all the time now and take 2-4 of what it offers. Nice way to make new friends and read other blogs.


  2. postadaychallenge2011

    This is so nice, I love Christmas, Zemanta did offer the recommendation of the article. COOL.


  3. thanks, Jackie, that you like that – though we do not play like Beethoven or Bach (just discovered that in your ABOUT_ME) …
    also on my youtube channel:


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