Bridges in Venice


The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava constructed a fourth bridge crossing the Canale Grande, Venice.

CALATRAVA is a busy creator on the fields of MODERN ICONOGRAPHY:


The Hemispheric at the Ciutat de les Arts i le...

Image via Wikipedia


four more bridges in Venice, photos by frizztext on flickr:

looking through ...+the bridge

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10 responses to “Bridges in Venice

  1. Oh…. Venice is soo pretty.. I wish I could go there sometime..


  2. The images are so surreal. They are so gorgeous that you start to imagine they are paintings.
    Thank you!


  3. But which bridge in Venice is by Calatrava?
    By the way, I have nothing against Calatrava, though there was a post I wrote about that Ground Zero transit hub which was a little bitchy.

    The problem is that he and ALL of his admirers keep saying that he studied the human form.
    In particular, they all unanimously cite as something special a torso that he once drew which is a calamity of a drawing. He shows it around and all his followers say WOW! Oh WOW!

    This torso is supposed to have inspired a skyscraper which is modelled on a Zapfenzieher=corkscrew or on a drill bit. The shapes, like all of Calatrava’s, are mathematical.
    Which is also why the little Seville bridge aka Alamillo and the one in Israel are so absolutely beautiful: maths pure and simple.


  4. Calatravas Bridge (under construction)
    Santiago Calatrava's new bridge for Venice


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    • Great post!!! Love the bridges!!!! Beautiful…simple…elegant… everything that an engineer loves!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, for the great compliment and for subscribing!!! Looking forward to more posts from you!!! 🙂 **


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