Bathroom Stories

Every family has some bathroom stories, if they are living in the same apartment for some decades.
Stinky discovers the sink.....IMG_0928
photo by msamaclean © / Melanie
title=”Stinky discovers the sink…..IMG_0928″ by msamaclean ©, on Flickr
Mel, living in the United States, is enjoying more than 30 years the same bathroom – like my family. She has shot some wonderful photos featuring her cat STINKY. She likes to rest in the SINK. In the same time 1970-2010 my two daughters grew up in Germany – always using the same bathroom. Lots of stories to tell too. Maybe I will find the time by and by. What I like to sing with my guitar, sitting in the bathroom – there’s a good sound in that room: THIS OLD HOUSE once knew my children, this old house once knew my life, this old house was home and comfort as we lived through storm and strife. This old house once rang with laughter, this old house heard many shouts…

photo shot in my home by a friend

once my daughter, aged 4, sitting in a bath-tube, holding soap in her little hands, looking into the eyes of the soap (imagine she had), made a little poem for herself and the soap:
Seife sprach: “Ich kenne dich!”
“Wie heiß ich denn?”
“Das weiß ich nicht!”
“Dann kennst du mich auch nicht!”
Soap spoke: ” I know you! “
” How is my name then? “
” I do not know! “
” Therefore you do not know me! “
Sorry it’s German and I don’t know how to translate that, but it is related to a fairytale with the title RUMPELSTILZCHEN, about a little man, who was satisfied, that he was anonymous …

Knight of Cydonia
“Knight of Cydonia” by andrade✖cobain
sent to my group BLOG IT!

We are living 40 years in our apartment and the bathroom has seen many things: I remember our daughters, growing older and older: The bathroom 24 hours was frequented. Most conflicts broke out, when they both were teenagers and needed more time and space than I could organize with my low budget. That bathroom was not comfortable enough during all the years, but nevertheless we often had fun there. Even guitar-playing was possible there … – and look at the photo of andrade✖cobain: I am not the only one, who likes to play guitar in the bathroom 🙂


video, featuring me playing guitar in my bathroom …

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9 responses to “Bathroom Stories

  1. Stinky looks very content in that sink…. Now I realize why our cat keeps wanting to jump into the bathroom… He must know Stinky from another life. LOL! 😉


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  3. Melanie

    Bathrooms do have good acoustics, usually!
    Stinky looks very cute! Thanks.


  4. another shot from STINKY by Mel:
    Stinky likes the sink.....IMG_0925
    title=”Stinky likes the sink…..IMG_0925 by msamaclean ©, on Flickr


  5. title=”"Never any Peace !……….IMG_2867 by msamaclean ©, on Flickr
    "Never any Peace !..........IMG_2867


  6. sent to my group BLOG IT:

    by e*., on Flickr


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    Okay I got the message!
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