84 – 210 death toll (several sources) in Libya during anti-government protests more at

Tripoli, Libya

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84 death toll in Tripoli and Benghazi yesterday, February 19th, 2011; on the same day only 24 wounded in Manama, Bahrein. There’s a difference how Arabian governments react against a youth revolt, demanding more democracy. Shame to Gaddafi and his followers. It was reported, that pro-Gaddafi-snipers killed anti-government mourners during a funeral. They buried some people, killed on the day before in Benghazi – and had at once new victims. Internet service to Facebook etc. was disrupted in several cities.


Benghazi, Libya

Originally uploaded by gordontour



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27 responses to “Libya-Benghazi-Tripoli

  1. This is becoming an all too familiar story in the region… Amazing how quickly the wave for change and choices has spread. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this… as always, the photos are beautiful.


  2. sent to my group BLOG IT:
    title=”Eyes Tell the Story !
    by BenTaher, on Flickr
    Eyes Tell the Story !


  3. sent to my group BLOG IT:
    title=”02_19_2011_DC Libyan Protest014.jpg”
    by, on Flickr
    02_19_2011_DC Libyan Protest014.jpg


  4. sent to my group BLOG IT!
    title=”Long exposure Tripoli ( #149 Nov 19, 2009)
    by Azaga ツ( Back ), on Flickr
    Long exposure Tripoli ( #149 Nov  19, 2009)


  5. related to the Arab Youth Quake, or call it Arab YouTube Quake:
    deadly YEMEN unrest, soldiers acting:


  6. related:
    two military jets escaped to Malta. the pilots did not want to throw bombs on demonstration crowds…
    some say Gaddafi escaped to Venezuela in the meantime. only his son continues with the deadly power-play against the population in Libya …
    in Syria some decades ago 10.000 protesters were killed by government … – a solution for Libya?


  7. hundreds, maybe thousands will be killed during the revolution in Libya.
    Gaddafi ordered jet pilots to throw bombs on demonstrating crowds in the streets,
    Gaddafi ordered a warship to shoot in the direction of the city Benghazi,
    Gaddafi ordered snipers to shoot on moaners of a funeral etc.
    very sad – let’s hope, that once there will be days of peace in LIBYA,
    especially Benghazi again
    I think Gaddafi and his son should sent to prison for that killing of the own population, you maybe can call this genocide! I think foreign troops must stop him!
    Benghazi, Libya
    title=”Benghazi, Libya”
    by ajo2106, on Flickr


  8. in the meantime Libya is divided in East (Benghazi etc. – free) and West (Gaddafi followers)


    reuters: Rebels in eastern Libya said on Sunday they had formed a national council


  10. How Berlusconi Went Gaga for Gaddafi,8599,2053363,00.html?xid=newsletter-europe-weekly
    The longest underwater pipeline in the Mediterranean runs from the coast of Libya to the Italian island of Sicily….


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  12. related:

    ich hoffe darauf, dass ein permanenter medialer Druck, ob per Internet oder Papier-Zeitung, auf diplomatischer oder juristischer Ebene (Den Haag) auf die Dauer das Denken in militärischen Rastern (auf beiden Seiten) besiegen wird. Die Dominanz von Waffen und Munition im Libyschen Konflikt zeigt, dass beide Seiten diesen wesentlichen Kultur-Schritt noch nicht komplett vollzogen haben – obwohl beide Parteien mit einem Bein oder mit einem Auge bereits den Informations-Kampf parallel betreiben. Vielleicht werden sie irgendwann begreifen, dass nur der Informations-Kampf bereits ausreichend ist. So hat das unser Immanuel Kant zumindest gesehen, als er die Französische Revolution betrachtete. Hoffentlich gibt es nicht zu viele Tote, bevor diese Einsicht sich durchsetzt in Libyen. In Ägypten war man schon eher auf solidem Weg in eine Kultur-Nation. In manchen Regionen dauert es halt länger, bis der sprachliche Disput die Orientierung leitet und nicht die Waffengewalt. Eine Einsicht, die das militärische Afghanistan Engagement Deutschlands vielleicht auch einmal einem methodischen Zweifel unterzieht.


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