Musicians from Dniepropetrovsk etc.

Howdy: that portrait looks like a Mexican guitarist, who luckily managed to cross the border to Texas… – but it isn’t like that. It’s my friend Gennadiy Pilch from Ukraine (former Russia) called “Herr Schlauch” posing in front of a flag of a land he never has seen. It’s a joke of course, just kidding. I like to make portraits of musicians with photos, videos and words: so I tried to make a document of

etc. enjoy …
video, featuring Dorota, 30 years ago

Andrey Shilov, Ukraine:

my Italian friend Giancarlo Rado as part of an ensemble:

next: portraits of Kai Heumann, Waldemar Parra, Andrey Shilov, Giancarlo Rado, Gennadiy Pilch and myself: frizztext …
Kai 2+waldemar parra + kai heumann+tribute to Giancarlo Rado+Andrey Shilov - Musician+in-discussion+genealogy

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7 responses to “Musicians from Dniepropetrovsk etc.

  1. related:
    Giancarlo Rado, Treviso, Italy:


  2. Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped out a quarter?


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  5. Pajarillo57

    Dorota is great!!!


  6. Pajarillo57

    KAJ !!!!
    He is fantastic guitarist!!!!!!!!


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