Women vs. Berlusconi

1 million women in more than 200 Italian towns took to the streets Sunday to protest vs. the sexism of Silvio Berlusconi. The women demand his resignation.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

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Actually very interesting: the hundreds of thousands of Italian women protesters against the macho Berlusconi and his sex scandals – maybe against the whole Italian male-sexism? A cultural change of power and etiquette? More parity between men and women? Giving money for love as a big failure …
a decision of justitia with esprit: the three judges, soon vs. Berlusconi in Milano: they are female πŸ™‚

The national Italian Problem seems not to be only the nightclub dancer Karima El Mahrough, Ruby the Heartbreaker, aged 17 when she made some deals with Berlusconi, but more than that some decades of Italian television, dominated by media-mogul Berlusconi: He again and again featured show girls, erotic entertainments, reducing women to sex objects. The time seems to be now, to remember the roots of modern women’s liberation movement, which started in the seventies but then was lost in the Italian macho culture again


The Italian cartoonist Claudio Marinaccio “OLDERIME” about Silvio Berlusconi‘s arrogant character:

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10 responses to “Women vs. Berlusconi

  1. I am an American who lives in Italy and I love the country passionately but it is true that this country is one where sexism is rampant…a beautiful girl stands a much greater chance of being hired or promoted and for many men, they consider it their perogative to take liberties with women…I have personally known of girls who have felt constrained to be “cooperative” to get a job or promotion…and although there are in theories, laws that prohibit such conduct, they are rarely enforced

    It begins when the boys are teenagers when they are coddled by their mothers and their sisters and are not expected to do anything; it is the women and especially their mother who are to clean and cook…as incredible as it seems, it is not uncommon to see men remain at home with their mothers well into middle age…it is not uncommon to see men who are excessively jealous and possessive….it seems that the concept stills exists that “if I am a real man then I must be jealous and possessive of my woman”

    Even in the area of tango, which is our field, it is not unusal to see men on dance floors trying to tell women how to dance in a cavalier manner and in more than one case verbally abusing them…we tell our women tango students that they do not have to submit to such treatment; to demand that they be treated with respect


  2. comparing the top rated articles, last months:
    I notice, that the one about VIOLENCE in USA
    is still top rated in my top ten:
    3 x politics
    4 x erotic
    2 x blogger
    1 x tourism (Venice – with first debate about Berlusconi)
    1 – 145 – politics – Violence
    2 – 123 – erotic – Erotic Trends
    3 – 123 – blogger – About FrizzText
    4 – 103 – blogger – postaday2011
    5 – 088 – erotic – Kitchen Nude by Sol Lang
    6 – 080 – erotic – Nude Portrait
    7 – 080 – erotic – PURE by Frank de Mulder
    8 – 075 – politics – Celibacy Controversy – pro+contra-Poll
    9 – 072 – tourism – Venice – no streets for automobiles 72
    10- 071 – politics – Innovators, imitators and idiots
    the interest on articles with erotic content maybe indicates, that we are searching for the right way to deal with sexuality. To accept this as an important positive power, but act against drifting away into bad fields of being dominated by the wrong things. Maybe a difficult discussion. I am sure, the way is not, to restrict sexuality, but to find a fair use …
    maybe I should write an article about erotic self-portraits?
    sunday denial
    title=”sunday denial” by nikkidelmont, on Flickr
    title=”colour” by foxysangels143, on Flickr


  3. Hi!
    Thanks for your blog!
    Look this from Mozambico AFRICA



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