Nowadays they do not dance together anymore. Some march bouncing and venomously. Others are creeping horrified. The social gaps grow. Not only financially but also with body language!

Flaubert: “One does not dance today any more; one marches, winds himself etc.
for to translate the German part into English
I’ve added an html-code (only google-machine):
translate good German to bad English
Ausschweifend übersetzt von frizztext fürs deutsche Gemüt:
Man tanzt heute nicht mehr zusammen.

Die einen marschieren stramm und giftig.

Die anderen schleichen erschüttert daher.

Die gesellschaftliche Schere geht auseinander.

Nicht nur finanziell sondern auch körpersprachlich!

Moscow+Tango 064
2) title=”Moscow” by Peter Gutierrez, sent to my group PARADOX 3) “Tango” by Barbara Fritze
Gasaanvalbestendige kinderwagen / Gas war resistant pram+1294834459542
4) Gas war resistant pram by Nationaal Archief 5) Vietnam victims by yolaglloq, on Flickr
Ceramic Worker+Banda de trompetas y cornetas
6) “Ceramic Worker by @sHik, on Flickr 7) Banda de trompetas y cornetas by Miguelángel

a video posted by Paul Cardin too: girl, dancing to the drums of Sandy Nelson (Let There Be Drums):

though produced in the Sixties, this could be the hymn of 2011 too … I enjoyed the drum solo by Sandy Nelson already some decades ago. But in the sixties there were no possibilities to watch videos like this. And I think the dancing style developed in the meantime too?


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22 responses to “Dancing-marching-creeping

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  2. Interesting combined pictures. The Red Armists and the Tango dancers … And first I thought about KKC viewing the last picture – now I learned e little bit more.


  3. @emil: ja die Riten des KKK / Ku Klux Klan werden zuweilen verwechselt mit denen bei der Semana Santa, dem Karfreitags-Spektakel in katholischen Ländern. Die Riten unterscheiden sich in der Zielrichtung durchaus vom in weißen Kutten aufmarschierenden KKK.


  4. introducing soon:
    Roller Derby
    title=”Roller Derby” by shirlaine, on Flickr


  5. It’s good to feel you are close to me.
    title=”It’s good to feel you are close to me.”
    by am_kaiser Annmarie in Rome …
    [LoVe is………….], on Flickr


  6. Annamaria

    Thanks my friend for sponsoring my work!


  7. I love your photos always!


  8. I love dancing.. and ballroom dance is one of the best form of bonding dance.. I just love it…


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