30 years later, after they (Jewish) managed to escape from the Third Reich, Ursula and her man invited us to visit their house in New York to sing together some old German folk songs …

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Mill River, Veranda
lazy weekend on the veranda in Mill River,
Massachusetts, 90 miles North from NYC

After more than 80 years of living our friend Ursula, now living in Chicago, remembers her start in Germany, in the little town Hattingen, where her grandfather had a warehouse (in my hometown, actually a gamblers’ saloon). Later she (Jewish) managed to escape from the Third Reich (aged 15!). She worked many years in New York, now she is retired in Chicago. But still she looks back to that Germany. So many stories she could tell …

As teenager she lived
in her grandfather’s house
“Gebrüder Kaufmann”, Hattingen
Third Reich remembrance

Third Reich remembrance
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Hattingen (Ruhr):

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Flatiron Building in snow

Flatiron Building in snow

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The house of Ursula Kaufmann is the one directly beside the famous “Flat Iron Building” (Bügeleisenhaus) in the little town Hattingen. The inhabitants of the Bügeleisenhaus all were killed in concentration-camps of Hitler. Ursula left Germany as the NSDAP started to kill Jews (long before the World War II started). Many years she lived in New York near another famous “Flat Iron” building…

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17 responses to “After-80-Years

  1. what a beautiful story… have you visited her recently?


  2. got a letter, where she asked, if the old fire place in the house of her grandfather still would be used … I think no; the house offers in a Las Vegas style some gambler automatic coin giving / taking machines. not very serious. no dignity left. the dignity is emigrated too, I think …


  3. susonna kommentiert dieses bild in meinem flickr-photo-pool mit:
    wie wertvoll diese Fotos , diese Schicksale, und diese Menschen sowieso sind und wie wichtig es ist , dass sie uns ihre Lebensgeschichten erzählen , wenn sie dazu bereit sind oder es auch können… – ihre Hand an dem Arm ihres Mannes und ihr offener , interessierter, herzlicher und fröhlicher Blick machen dieses Foto ganz besonders wertvoll … etc.


  4. The Lady of Shalot commented in my flickr-photo pool:
    Yes, maybe there are still too many people who need to learn something about European history and that don’t have a clue of what was like being Jew (or belonging to any other category of persecuted persons) at that time, and having two world war on your own land. That’s why it is vital to keep the memory alive.


  5. related:
    Glorious town. My Moscow. For the Victory day. For the 27 million of Russians  and for the dozens of millions of  other nations who have been murdered in the World War II by the german nazies
    27.000.000 Russians were killed in World War II
    6.000 Jews killed in Germany by the government; Holocaust
    ==============VICTIMS OF THE WORLD WAR II=======================

    1. SOVIET UNION – 27 000 000
    2. POLAND 6 850 000
    3. ROMANIA 985 000
    4. FRANCE 810 000
    5. HUNGARY 750 000
    6. AUSTRIA 525 000
    7. GREECE 520 000
    8. ITALY 410 000
    9. CHECKOSLOVAKIA 400 000
    10. UK 388 000
    11. USA 295 000
    12. HOLLAND 250 000
    13. BELGIUM 85 000
    14. FINLAND 79 000
    15. CANADA 39 000
    16. SPAIN 22 000
    17. BULGARIA 21 000
    18. NORWAY 5 000
    19. DENMARK 4 000
    20. CHINA 11 324 000
    21. INDIA 36 000
    22. NEW ZEALAND 12 000
    24. SOUTH AFRICA 9 000
    25. GERMANY 7 060 00
    26. JAPAN 1 806 000
    horrible …


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