Claiming it back…

Originally uploaded by chris.merwe
Kolmanskop, South Africa

buildings have an end of life as human beings. so abandoned buildings are a great metaphor for us,
that we also will die …

hallway of hope
title=”hallway of hope”
series in the “Beelitz Heilstaetten”
near Berlin, Germany
by Frizztext / Barbara Fritze

title=”Inside” by chris.merwe, on Flickr (Kolmanskop, South Africa)
palace of a hidden beauty
title=”palace of a hidden beauty” by Frizztext / Barbara Fritze (Beelitz Heilstaetten)
and creativity, it soaks my soul, I asked not to be alone.
title=”and creativity, it soaks my soul, I asked not to be alone.
by *•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•* my Maša Kores, Ljubljana

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

8 responses to “Abandoned

  1. Did you or your wife take these? Stunning photos!
    Hey fellow bloggers… Leave Frizztext a comment too!!


  2. “Hallway of Hope” and ”palace of a hidden beauty” are shot by my wife, a professional photographer, the other photos are by other flickr-photographers, who contributed to my group http://www.flickr.com/groups/blog-it


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  6. The places we inhabit in our dreams . . .


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