Celibacy Controversy – pro+contra-Poll

144 German University Professors of theology have signed a statement against the duty of celibacy for priests.

[Sugar] pray
[Sugar] pray
Originally uploaded by Fred Frognier
his website http://www.frognier.be/

That statement is related to the discovery of widespread sexual and physical abuses by clergymen last year.

In all the debates over the decades of unpunished sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in Germany always the representatives of the Catholic Church vehemently denied any causal connection between sexual abuse and clerical celibacy. They denied that the celibacy mandatory could be one of the reasons for those frequent sexual transgressions of the Catholic clergy, abusing children. But such an understanding interpretation is a basic knowledge of each psychoanalytic discussion. One had the impression, that the vassals of fundamentalist Catholicism would prefer to abolish completely the discipline of psychoanalysis as a work of the devil. In my opinion rather the endless brainwashing efforts of a part of Catholic moral theology should be abolished.

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title=”[Sugar]” by Fred Frognier
model again: Mathilde

Bei allen Debatten über die jahrzehntelangen ungesühnten sexuellen Übergriffe von katholischen Geistlichen in Deutschland wurde immer von den Vertretern der katholischen Kirche vehement abgestritten, dass jene Zölibatspflicht in ursächlichem Zusammenhang mit den häufigen sexuellen Übertretungen der katholischen Geistlichkeit zu sehen sei. Solch eine Einsicht ist aber Basis-Wissen jeder psychoanalytischen Erörterung. Man hatte den Eindruck, die Vasallen des fundamentalistischen Katholizismus hätten gern die Forschungsrichtung der Psychoanalyse gänzlich als Teufelswerk abgeschafft. Meiner Meinung nach müssten eher die endlosen Verdummungsbemühungen seitens der katholischen Theologie abgeschafft werden.

German links:

wikipedia writes:
Clerical celibacy is the discipline by which some or all members of the clergy in certain religions are required to be unmarried. Since these religions consider sinful deliberate sexual thoughts, feelings, and behavior outside of marriage, clerical celibacy also requires abstention from these. In the Latin Catholic Church, clerical celibacy is mandated for bishops and, as a general rule, for priests and for deacons who intend to become priests.

title=”[Sugar 3] by Fred Frognier
Fred Frognier
his website http://www.frognier.be/
I have to thank Frederic F. for his
3 great portraits of Mathilde.
Maybe they have the power, to
change a least one priests decision …

The Passion, Paris
title=”The Passion, Paris” by s i a m / Marji Lang
her wordpress channel http://marjilang.wordpress.com/
For my opinion PHILOSOPHY is a great help for people, who consider, if they should leave a system.
some of my articles related to this topic:

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29 responses to “Celibacy Controversy – pro+contra-Poll

  1. Proof that having a habilitation doesn’t prove you’re not stupid, eh?

    If only stepfathers weren’t bound to celibacy …

    Click to access nis4_report_congress_full_pdf_jan2010.pdf

    (section 5 and 6)

    If only teachers weren’t bound to celibacy …

    Click to access report.pdf

    I suppose to show that celibacy causes child abuse you’d have to show that of people who had no other predisposing characteristics, those who are celibate are more likely to abuse children than those who are not.

    And there is no mandatory celibacy for Catholics. It is freely chosen. You’d think a theology professor would know that.

    (hang on, is this what they said, or what you said?)


    • answer to “berenike”:
      I know, sexual child abuse is not only done by Catholic priests.
      But if at least in this cultural box would be new rules, there would be less sexual child abuse.


      • Your post implies that celibacy is one of the causes of child abuse. Your reply to my comment seems to say (in the context) that you think if there were no discipline of celibacy, there would be less child abuse.

        You have not understood, or are ignoring, my point. There is no evidence that vowed celibacy is a cause of child abuse. Therefore, if you are concerned about reducing child abuse by Catholic clergy, making a noise about removing this particular observance is a waste of time and, by taking up people’s energy and attention, damages other people’s better–informed efforts.


  2. contrapposizione
    title=”contrapposizione” by kilometro 00
    sent to some of my flickr groups …


  3. sent to my group PARADOX:
    olebrat / Alberto Botella, London, England
    Monjas destape
    sometimes religions and their orthodox rites,
    clashing together with modern lifestyles,
    deliver some paradoxical views…


  4. my favorite bishop: Fred Roessler
    photo was friendly sent to some of my groups …
    Tea Cozy.
    title=”Tea Cozy.” by stumbleon, on Flickr


  5. though SHE even seems to be more important than any bishop
    Last boat
    photo by Frederico Mendes, Brazil,
    sent to my group PARADOX


  6. Poll of the German TV channel ARD:
    actual stats:
    yes, catholic church should change something: 86.4%
    no, not change celibacy rules: 11.6%
    Ja: 16387 Stimmen, dies entspricht circa 86.4%
    Nein: 2194 Stimmen, dies entspricht circa 11.6%
    Weiß nicht / habe dazu keine Meinung: 392 Stimmen, dies entspricht circa 2.1%
    Stimmen gesamt: 18973


  7. I have to thank Frederic F. for his
    3 great portraits of Mathilde.
    Maybe they have the power, to
    change a least one priests decision …
    Fred Frognier’s website:
    [wet] cold
    title=”[wet] cold by Fred Frognier
    Model: Mathilde, 4


  8. http://exlaodicea.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/i-am-left-speechless/#comment-9285
    I’ve written there:
    every human being is free to say YES or NO
    – after someone said, I would not be free –
    and gave me the link
    maybe a human being is not free oppressed by a dictatorship (or living in the sect of Mr. Jones). maybe there are real fences around: like in the ex-DDR, the wall of East Germany, dividing from West-Germany. Maybe there are inner fences, fences in our soul, some work for a psychotherapist or philosopher: because we can climb over so many fences, borders, rivers…, we can change, yes we can!
    I like the photo of “many rivers to cross”:
    Sarah Ann, glamourous
    title=”Sarah Ann, glamourous”
    by Many rivers to cross, on Flickr
    (under construction)
    comment via e-mail:
    there are many rivers to cross in so many lands and territories!
    This is Marie
    title=”This is Marie” by Many rivers to cross, on Flickr


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  10. about boundaries + fences, walls + curtains:
    1978: Mass suicide leaves 900 dead in Guyana in South America. They couldn’t resist that evil Jim Jones, leader of the “People’s Temple Christian Church”


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