Ship on a hill

Original score of "Motherless Child"...

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Gaeta 2 photo by Rino Palma

sometimes i feel
like a ship on a hill

sometimes I feel
like a ship on a hill

a long way
from the sea …

I’ll never can forget that photo, shot by Rino Palma in Naples, Italy. So I wrote down those lyrics this morning, related to that sometimes I feel like a motherless child a long way from home, a long way from home. it’s my early morning mood after living so many years (I am 65 now), after all those experiences, shocks, joys. looking down to life from a hill look-out. like a ship, which does not want to sail again …

guitar video clip, me, playing SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A FATHERLESS CHILD

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4 responses to “Ship on a hill

  1. I like that and have never heard the song… 🙂


  2. thank you ELIZ, you gave me the motivation to present me and my guitar:


  3. related
    title=”Point of view” by Philippe Sainte-Laudy
    Point of view


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