Final End – about Passivity

sometimes we are too passively!

Fin de partie

Originally uploaded by Fredaniane

sometimes we wait too long!
this photo was once sent to my group PARADOX by Fred in Aniane, France
The paradox works against the usual anticipation; the paradoxical photo discovers visually a new truth, we feel a hidden dissonance – our aim: to find many examples… visit my gallery “PARADOX” at – or visit my group paradox

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7 responses to “Final End – about Passivity

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  2. There in lies human quandary… when to wait and when to act 🙂


  3. hi ELIZ,
    QUANDARY – you are my English teacher, never met that word before, had to look in my dictionary: quandary = dilemma


  4. hi ELIZ,
    you inspired me to write an article about QUANDARY:
    my cat disagrees, there’s no quandary for her …


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