Emergency Landing

Sometimes things go wrong. Not all pilots are like Sully Sullenberger, the captain of that plane, who saved his passengers on the Hudson river: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesley_Sullenberger
Noodlanding watervliegtuig / Emergency landing water plane

Noodlanding watervliegtuig / Emergency landing water plane Originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief

Emergency landing in Reeuwijk lake, Gouda, the Netherlands, 1919. Collectie Spaarnestad more informations about the Spaarnestad Photo collection: www.spaarnestadphoto.nl/

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6 responses to “Emergency Landing

  1. What a picture… Did these folk survive? The boats look pretty loaded.
    Sully’s was an amazing miracle and the best part was how humble he is…
    Awesome! 🙂


  2. wolfgang hermann

    this picture remembers me on a diving whale
    avccording to this shot is now the history of the hindenburg in the cinema to see
    have a great time in the sky and on the ground
    :-)) wolfgang


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