Vernielde auto van Prins Bernhard / Prince Bernhard's ruined car

Prince Bernhard’s ruined car
(Vernielde auto van wikipedia) Originally uploaded by Nationaal Archief

the blogger deathgleaner asked in his article about If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not? Then he continued: At this stage in life, I think it’s better if humans just died off at a certain point… my feedback: Yes, imagine, Hitler would still be alive, Stalin, Pol Pot, Sadam Hussein etc. – on the other hand, me? Why not 🙂 Maybe after some hundred years I could reach my goal to become the Pope in Rome?

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9 responses to “Immortality

  1. Or Queen Victoria… Please, I have no interest in going back to the dark ages or living on some time warped planet. We stay here a while and then off we go… hopefully to someplace nicer. I prefer the current arrangement 🙂


  2. I like Louis Armstrong’s, Satchmo’s optimism.
    He believed, that he could watch us from above …


  3. Hm. But why you count only the bad? Why don’t you count Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Eva and Erwin Strittmatter and so on?

    It is because we or the most of mankind now can only see the catastrophes, are we conditioned by the modern media?

    Should we try to announce the good news?

    (Interesting: Two Germans discuss in English without without compulsion.)

    An substantial part of Life is its end …


  4. na ja über die (für mich) guten hab ich auch schon phantasiert im artikelchen
    last supper, wenn man auch die eigentlich toten noch einladen könnte…
    wen würdest du nehmen? saint-exupery, camus, voltaire, sartre, montaigne, um mal ein paar franzosen zu nennen 🙂 napoleon muss nicht.


  5. der_emil makes a very good point. I wonder what the world would be like if such people were still alive now.
    The Pope though? Interesting choice….


  6. Made me think so if we do live forever without the consequence of getting weak, sick, and old – it would really give us a lot more chance to do things right or try different experience as per our preferred standard. 😀


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