Desert Pool

Desert pool
Desert pool Originally uploaded by BluePeak (Rogier Gruys)

A camel tied to a billiard table, Tsogt Ovoo, central Gobi desert, Mongolia. Photo shot by Rogier Gruys / bluepeak. A billiard table in the desert seems to be nonsense. And to be fixed in that great wide open with no fence is absurd. Both things together are paradoxical. Sometimes I feel like a camel fixed waiting at a billiard table in the desert. Waiting for some feedback.

In my photo group PARADOX, where I introduced this composition at first, I’ve written: The paradox works against the usual anticipation; the paradoxical photo discovers visually a new truth, we feel a hidden dissonance

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5 responses to “Desert Pool

  1. Like life… full of paradoxes! How did they get the billiard table there?
    Gosh, such a juxtaposition! The camel seems to be an accomplished model.
    Should we say poor camel? πŸ™‚


  2. when your dying of thirst in the desert…this is not the kind of pool you are wishing for.


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