Desert Pool

Desert pool
Desert pool Originally uploaded by BluePeak (Rogier Gruys)

A camel tied to a billiard table, Tsogt Ovoo, central Gobi desert, Mongolia. Photo shot by Rogier Gruys / bluepeak. A billiard table in the desert seems to be nonsense. And to be fixed in that great wide open with no fence is absurd. Both things together are paradoxical. Sometimes I feel like a camel fixed waiting at a billiard table in the desert. Waiting for some feedback.

In my photo group PARADOX, where I introduced this composition at first, I’ve written: The paradox works against the usual anticipation; the paradoxical photo discovers visually a new truth, we feel a hidden dissonance

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5 responses to “Desert Pool

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  4. when your dying of thirst in the desert…this is not the kind of pool you are wishing for.


  5. Like life… full of paradoxes! How did they get the billiard table there?
    Gosh, such a juxtaposition! The camel seems to be an accomplished model.
    Should we say poor camel? :-)


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