Time + Dignity

Dictionary : Time Originally uploaded by Kat…
= Catherine, Lille, France, out of the dictionary series

There’s a philosophy of time, some of the important thinkers has been Henri Bergson (existentialism); I wrote on him for amazon.com: To seize the “life melody” of a human being, it is not sufficient to emerge ridiculously only one or two notes. The entire “SPAN”, if possible from the birth to the end of a biography, – only such a span (the complete melody, not a single note) is able to illuminate the secret of a human personality to a sympathizing viewer. Only via this method you can discover the dynamics, movements, changing spirals, the will to carry through, the persistent believe at the own worth of a person…

feedback by Kat… / Catherine:

Thank you very much for your kind words… Love your reference to Bergson ! For me, the original is a bit too flat. I thought that this picture needed bright colors, so I decided to post-process it. I made several versions and this one was my favorite. The chronometer is not so old! The texture gave the vintage look.

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