Information Wars


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we do not need STEALTH BOMBERS anymore, to stop a dictator (like Sadam Hussein). Nowadays we have our information wars: Wikileaks made, that the dictator from Tunisia, Ben Ali, left his country. No US-troops needed …
inspired by:
Colin Powell’s stealth bomber
rebellion in Tunisia
cartoons by Verity Robson

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7 responses to “Information Wars

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  4. comment by maistora on the sister / mirror-website at
    “The pen is mightier than the sword”, it has been said.

    But wasn’t that also the belief of a Heidelberg PhD, a certain Dr Joseph Göbbels? (known for burning all the best books of human civilisation – perhaps because of the word power in them)… And who preached and practised the Big Lie technique and millions of sheep believed…

    A sword is neither good nor bad – it has the potential to be both, depending in whose hands it is and for what purpose it is wielded. Similarly the written word can serve different purposes – sadly, not always necessarily democratic, peaceful or in the best interest of the masses…

    I am not entirely convinced that WikiLeaks is necessarily a sword in ‘good’ hands. It is a much easier and more realistic conspiracy than orchestrating 9/11. With potentially more devastating effect(s). A lot easier for millions of sheep to believe that it is ‘good guys’ who leak and spread the ‘truth’. That ‘truth’ is alot easier to fabricate than a team of suicidal fanatics driving planes into towers…

    Not saying this is the case, bit it has been done before – more than once, throughout history. Let’s stay sober 🙂


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