Down to ground zero

piccione incazzato
title=”piccione incazzato” by kilometro 00 / Enrico Colussi, Treviso, Italy
a few times in my life I had to sit down on the ground, because my knees got weak. So as my mother had done her suicide. Or as I had to leave New York. Or as I had a sudden heart attack (visiting after 40 years the city where I was in an orphanage, Wuppertal). But then, down to ground zero, always I was eye to eye with those other animals: birds, little dogs, cats. And I lost my sadness and decided to rise again. Just as Paul McCartney sang: Blackbird: take your broken wings and learn to fly! Animals often soothed my soul! They have a philosophical perseverance. They always do believe, they for sure will overcome 🙂

Black Cat Boogie
title: “black cat boogie”, photo by frizztext

feedback by Enrico: @FrizzText… Thank you for so passionate to pigeon Monitor …. are also struck by your story! … know that the piccione vigil on you …..!!
answer to enrico in treviso by frizztext, some months ago:
I like to play blues guitar and sometimes I sat down on a street and played on my dobro guitar or listened to the music of other guitar players. Feeling blue I always noticed the pigeons – and I adored them, though walking, they could take their wings for a ride up up and away…

un ballo

title=”un ballo” by kilometro 00 / = Enrico Colussi, Treviso, Italy
Enrico Colussi commented in Italian at:
Questo piccione ormai appartiene al mondo. Organizza, anche attraverso il ciberspazio, la sua rivoluzione silenziosa. Porta a sé i suoi amici, ed è pronto, non manca molto, sentiremo parlare di lui. Comunque veglia su tutti voi. Comunque, guardate a terra con attenzione, inginocchiatevi pure, vi farà riflettere su molte cose del mondo, c’è molto da imparare…
comment at frizzeurope
another photo by Enrico Colussi / kilometro 00 from Treviso, Italy:
no musica

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12 responses to “Down to ground zero

  1. What a bitter sweet story… We all fall down, sooner or later, and it is grace that helps us up. I am sorry to read about your mom and some of the other events you shared…
    Oh yeah, I’m on my vampire schedule again today… even if I don’t show up as the posts arrive in my box, I will make the effort to catch up. Don’t count me out yet 🙂
    Have a great week ahead!



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  4. Ciao, mi commuove la storia di tua madre, e penso al piccione, e come lui possa trasmettere qualcosa di bello.
    Io mi inginocchio spesso quando fotografo gli animali è come cercare il loro punto di vista…comprendere il loro mondo.



    • mille grazie, Enrico,
      google translates for me:
      Hello, I am moved by the story of your mother, and I think the pigeon, and how he can send something nice.
      I kneel often photographing animals: it is like trying their point of view for to understand their world.


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  9. Questo disegno è dedicato al Piccione incazzato!!!


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