I like all the drawings of verittyy, I like to take a bath, I like to kiss a crocodile’s nose …

related humor:
2) “sad song time” by verittyy / Verity Robson
sad song time
Radio STREIFLICHT (Sueddeutsche Zeitung,
tägliche Glosse)
white crayons+a cup of tea
3) “white crayons” by verittyy / Verity Robson 4) “a cup of tea”
an umbrolly+love the beatles
5) “an umbrolly” 6) “love the beatles”
I like the simplicity and the humor of Verity Robson, England. Such a great concept! Cheap but full of intelligence. I always adored the French cartoonists like Sempe or Bosc, or the German Loriot, even Ungerer from Belgium, Yrrah (Harry) from The Netherlands. But Verity Robson seems to show, that you don’t need a giant talent to make us smile. Even a little distance, slow down the goals, live with a low down budget. You don’t need an umbrella. Draw an umbrella and you will safe.
I would like to have a daily cartoon by umbrella
– like I write in this postaday2011 campaign of wordpress
– like I hear on the internet radio daily (in German),
some funny thoughts about daily life:
(Sueddeutsche Zeitung, tägliche Glosse)
also related:
Tomi Ungerer, No Kiss for Mother
art and cartoon
RIZZI pocket calendar
RIZZI permanent
like James Rizzi

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15 responses to “Cartoons

  1. There is especially one cartoon in verittyy’s stream you didn’t display here, but for me the “insert future here” is the funniest one and a very serious one …

    Und das Streiflicht ist etwas, das ich lesen muß.


  2. Excellent; there is magic in simplicity… I should go back and look at Verity again… long time no see. 😉
    I’m on my vampire schedule today… even if I don’t show up as the posts arrive in my box, I will make the effort to catch up. Don’t count me out yet 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


  3. my tribute to Verity Robson:


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  5. So true about the songs on radio – like the line “at one point someone felt exactly as you do” awww


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  7. You do know that Verity Robson virtually copies “her” doodles from the David and Goliath Website don’t you? Just thought I’d let you know before she starts to claim any more doodles that aren’t hers! You know she has copied so many of this website its untrue! She even puts them on her facebook and puts VerityRobson Copyright !!!! haha the cheek of it!!!! seriously, she needs to sort her self out and get a real life and draw her own things… pfft.

    Take a look for yourself!



  8. sorry, I could not find via your link any of those cartoons?


  9. Anon-2

    In response to Anon, those doodles are her own, she simply uses the same art technique as them and applies it to her own ideas. Please go Trolling elsewhere.


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