Innovators, imitators and idiots

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Innovators, imitators and idiots – these three i-words are not only describing the experiences we have in the world-wide-web daily,

it also describes the politics, newspapers, musicians, painters – it describes the whole mankind.

So at least we should try not to be one of the last mentioned …

Would you name three of YOUR favorite innovators?
For sure every human being would write down other names. I’m interested!


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Man sollte die Geschichte der Menschheit nicht an ihren Kriegen rekapitulieren, wie es viele leider rennomierte aber dennoch komplett idiotische Historiker in den Mittelpunkt ihres Denkens und Meinens geschoben haben. Man sollte die Meilensteine der Menschheitsentwicklung in bestimmten, ausgesuchten, geistreichen Bemerkungen entdecken. Aphoristiker erschienen mir immer bedeutsamer als die gewissenlosen Vorantreiber der Waffen-Technologien. Einer der übelsten, schäbigsten, demagogischsten war Wernher von Braun – aber das begreifen leider viel zu wenige.


My own top ten:

  • 1. KANT “A religion, which makes humans dark, is wrong…”
  • 2. NIETZSCHE “What does not kill me, will make me stronger … “
  • 3. THOREAU “I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn.”
  • 4. JASPERS “The minimum of being self-determinate is associated with the joy to work.”
  • 5. EPICURUS “The voice of our bodies: do not be hungry, thirsty, cold!”
  • 6. SCHOPENHAUER “To be vulgar is nothing else than giving the leading role in our consciousness to the will and not to the cognition.”
  • 7. MONTAIGNE “Everyone, who is listening to his inner landscape of thoughts, is able to discover his identity!”
  • 8. KIERKEGAARD “A reflecting time will transform the expression of force into a dialectic feat.”
  • 9. SOCRATES “Perhaps you might possibly be offended, like the sleeping who are awakened!”
  • 10. ADORNO He followed the principle, that the only method to write nowadays is a short essay. A non-systematic, only main-keywords analyzing method.


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8 responses to “Innovators, imitators and idiots

  1. Very smart concept… Yes there is much to find on the web and the whole spectrum is covered. 🙂


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