Gorch Fock Mutiny

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A young woman was killed during the work on board of the German sail-ship Gorch Fock. Some say, then the sailors organized a mutiny. Others said, it has been the right of the sailors, to make some protest vs. the rude orders of some officers. Now the parliament in Berlin investigates the circumstances.
Gorch Fock
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The discussions about the death of the young female soldier make me angry. Too much appeasement vs. the rude behavior of the military. Still a parallel society! Worse, with that extreme arrogance, than the discussed Turkish parallel society. The tone and the cynical social rituals of this enclave are change-resistant since a hundred years. Sadly, whoever gets into the mouth of this special society in which its citizens’ fundamental rights are de facto abolished. The term “citizens in uniform” is a sarcastic euphemism for forms of sadistic humiliation rituals, that are seemingly always held by people in motion, that can revel in it. All the better if they appear purely legal unassailable as a supervisor. A similar special world has been preserved in the brackish waters of the Catholic Church, where abuse is also hidden for decades, is held behind the walls, no prosecutorial indictment is supplied.
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some time later, june 9th 2011: #GorchFock #tallship #Kiel
no #tribunal #judgement #court of #justice for the death of a young female soldier
Staatsanwaltschaft Kiel erhebt keine Anklage

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Die Diskussionen um den Tod der jungen Soldatin sind ärgerlich. Zuviel Arschkriecherei vor dem rüden Gebaren der Militärs. Eine Parallel-Gesellschaft immer noch. Schlimmer, weil arroganter, als die türkische. Der Tonfall und die zynischen Rituale dieser gesellschaftlichen Enklave sind wohl seit hundert Jahren Änderungs-Resistent. Bedauernswert, wer in die Klauen dieser Sonder-Gesellschaft gerät, in der die bürgerlichen Grundrechte de facto abgeschafft sind. Der Terminus “Bürger in Uniform” ist ein höhnischer Euphemismus für Formen sadistischer Erniedrigungsrituale, die scheinbar immer wieder von Menschen in Gang gehalten werden, die sich daran ergötzen können. Umso schöner, wenn sie rein juristisch als Vorgesetzte unangreifbar erscheinen. Eine ähnliche Sonderwelt hat sich erhalten wie in den Brackwassern der katholischen Kirche, wo Mißbrauch auch Jahrzehnte vertuschbar ist, hinter den Mauern gehalten wird, keiner staatsanwaltschaftlichen Anklage zugeführt wird.

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10 responses to “Gorch Fock Mutiny

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  2. Wojtek

    Simply do not withdraw the ship from service.
    The builders in Hamburg have done their best, the people aboard too. Training of future Naval officers under sail has a long tradition under German colours.
    More attention, or better scrutiny on, or of the people who get aboard to go to sea in, and on the GF.
    And do not let Defence Minister yell from far away at people doing their job, and doing well.


  3. hello Wojtek,
    thanks for your comment from Poland.
    for you: a Polish tall ship,
    which I saw in Vlissingen, The Netherlands
    Dar Mlodziezy, visitor from Poland
    the sailship Dar Mlodziezy (Dar Młodzieży) from Poland, Gdansk, Gdynia, Danzig – built 1981, length 109m, wide 14m, deep: 6m, mast: 50m, 22 sails: 3015m2 – seen during the “Sail de Ruyter”, Vlissingen, Netherlands, 2007-08-26
    I do not know anything about the rites in the Polish Navy 🙂


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