In Germany it has become almost rude to get up with a hat. It looks like arrogance. Mexicans feel entirely different, I suppose. One would have to investigate this issue again in more detail.
Don Genaro
1) title=”Don Genaro” click on the photo by gdiazdeleon/ Guillermo in Mexico to visit his flickr.com collection!
Tea Cozy.+Akbar Simonse+Ready for Battle.
2) “Tea Cozy” by stumbleon 3) “Akbar” by Frizztext 4) “Ready for Battle” by stumbleon / Fred Roessler
Frappi & Frizzi: a tribute to Rembrandt
5) a tribute to Rembrandt by Luigi Frappi and Frizztext
tribute to Rembrandt, 1650
6) Frizztext, “portrait in a kitchen”

Elainy Camelo
7.) title=”Elainy Camelo” by Emmanuel Arruda
NYC Easter Parade 2010 -05+NYC Easter Parade 2010 -01+MentorSeriesPhotoSeminar-018-TimeSquare-04
9) + 10) title=”NYC Easter Parade 2010 -05″ by Erik Anestad 11) Time-Square Girl by Erik Anestad
Separated Colors+Tango 131
12 + 13: two female beauties, portrayed by barbara fritze

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14 responses to “Hats

  1. My Mom would get mad at me for wearing her kitchen utensiles on my head…Though it does look very fun.


  2. Rosmarie

    Was about a birthday-cake-hat?
    Our friend Nunzio simply loves it !!!!


  3. The perfect birthday shot!
    title=”The perfect birthday shot!”
    by rosmarie.wirz


  4. Love those hats… they do add character to any face/head. My fav is the sombrero 🙂


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  7. Annamaria

    Every year I buy a new hat……….:=)


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