Land of the p

Land of the Cormorant

Originally uploaded by gcquinn

the photographer, Geoff Quinn, comments himself:

I took a photograph of a cormorant drying its wings on a pier. I was 12 years old and absolutely certain that this was a big deal photograph. I called the picture editor at the San Diego Union and she had me send the negatives right over. I am sure she had 1,000 cormorant wing drying photographs. But she didn’t let on. She did praise the shot as she let me down gently. I’ve been wary of cormorant shots ever since. But this guy seemed to have the whole world at his feet. Great fishing perch — and kind enough to wait and wait and wait for that spray to shoot up behind him. I love the rugged California coast in this area, the light peeking through the fog for a little while. It was socked in within the hour.


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Erwachsene sollten vielleicht nicht die Fähigkeit aufgeben, der Kinder so gerne noch nachgehen: sich in Tiere hineinzuversetzen, in deren Lebensgefühl, in deren Bauart-Handicaps (Schildkröten, Eintagsfliegen) oder Bauart-Vorteile: Adler, Haie. Ich bin ein Nashorn kann das Kind denken. Ich denke gerne: Ich bin eine Möwe. Muss nicht Jonathan heißen, ein anderer Name wäre mir auch ganz recht: Lonesome Cowboy!

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5 responses to “Cormorant

  1. A special cormorant drying its wings photo for sure! Love the drama of the rocks and that lone bird. Just fantastic!


  2. This is a great shot … and the accompanying story was very sweet. At least, at 12 years old, he had an inkling of his future passion for photography 🙂


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