Queen Mary 2

Chasing the Queen

Chasing the Queen

Originally uploaded by gcquinn
the photographer, Geoff Quinn himself, comments:
This moment lasted only a split second — and then the wave flattened, the boats aligned themselves and the big ship turned more to starboard. The wave reared up after the fishing boat on the upper left cut off a cabin cruiser that turned sharply to the left to avoid it. It all happened as the QM2 arrived in San Francisco for its maiden visit on February 4, 2007. We were lucky to remain upright in our little ship the Pat. Pending, thanks to the sure hand of captain Mel Owen. (The Owens have had this 50-foot wooden motor yacht in their family since the 1930s and I am glad to say it remains seaworthy despite this wave off of our bow).


for to translate the German part into English
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Na, eine Verfolgungsjagd mit einer kleinen Nuss-Schale von Holzboot, mit einer Kajüte nicht größer als ein Toiletten-Häuschen, das wird der mächtingen Queen Mary 2 keine Angst eingejagt haben. Aber natürlich möchten wir Geoff Quinn, durchnässt auf dem kleinen Boot, rückhaltlose Anerkennung aussprechen dafür, dass er solch enormen Herausforderungs-Mut besessen hat. Einen Mut wie ihn Käpt’n Ahab einst brauchte, um Moby Dick zu jagen. Außerdem hält man bei Zweikämpfen ja immer zu David, nie zu einem Goliath. Das ist so Sitte. Trotzdem unterhöhlt die Vermutung mein freundliches Gebaren, dass die Queen Mary 2 sowieso den Hafen von San Franciscos verlassen hätte, ob da nun ein Lilliputanisches Verfolgerheer mit Getöse auftaucht oder nicht. Es gibt andere Fotos im Flickr-Pool.
Queen Mary 2
title=”Queen Mary 2″ (in New York) by John Fraissinet

Sie zeigen die Queen Mary 2 anderswo in der Welt, u.a. auch im New Yorker Hafen. Keinerlei Kampfesspuren von eventuellen Enterhaken waren an ihrer makellosen Außenhaut zu entdecken. Auf dem Hudson River notlandende Flugzeuge waren an dem Tag auch gerade nicht unterwegs.

related links (other heroes):
Sully Sullenberger, the captain of that plane,
who saved his passengers on the Hudson river:


now the Photo by Abigail Phillips, comment of Telstar Logistics:
Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner, arrived in San Francisco for the first time today, February 4, 2007, amid much local fanfare. Telstar Logistics is pleased to bring you exclusive team coverage of the event, thanks to three squads of ninja photographers who were on hand to capture the big boat’s arrival. Complete details on the blog: the_queen_mary (telstarlogistics.typepad.com)
RMS Queen Mary 2 Arrives in San Francisco
title=”RMS Queen Mary 2 Arrives in San Francisco” by Telstar Logistics, visit also his blog:
the_queen_mary (telstarlogistics.typepad.com)

on board of Queen Mary 2:
QM2 Queen Mary 2 - piscinas
title=”QM2 Queen Mary 2″ – piscinas by Miguelángel, on Flickr

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10 responses to “Queen Mary 2

  1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea that I had such courage!!
    “Aber natürlich möchten wir Geoff Quinn, durchnässt auf dem kleinen Boot, rückhaltlose Anerkennung aussprechen dafür, dass er solch enormen Herausforderungs-Mut besessen hat. Einen Mut wie ihn Käpt’n Ahab einst brauchte, um Moby Dick zu jagen. Außerdem hält man bei Zweikämpfen ja immer zu David, nie zu einem Goliath. Das ist so Sitte. “


  2. thanks for the link to (I had forgotten his name)
    Sully Sullenberger, the captain of that plane,
    who saved his passengers on the Hudson river:
    now three heroes are on one page:
    Geoff, Moby Dick hunter Ahab and Sully.
    Once he was invited to a talkshow in German TV.
    He is really a brave character!


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  4. I think my shot was taken a few seconds before — just as the ship had turned to starbord


  5. it’s very nice to compare your ground zero wet shot with that dry bird’s view, isn’t it?


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  7. Nice that my office meeting in my office’s conference room looking over New York Harbor was just finishing up when the Queen Mary went by between the buildings. Also, I knew it was coming so I could have my camera with me. Nice selection of pictures, FrizzText.


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