Gym with anti-BEELITZ mood

bee happy :)

bee happy 🙂 Originally uploaded by masa kores / bumble~bee

You actually do not need a lot to be happy. Though some of us have the personal goal to own a Porsche , BMW or Mercedes, feeding some trouble and stress by financing of construction projects or cruise travels, other human beings are satisfied with a good friendship or a musical instrument, a camera or a computer – or enjoy to join a yoga class or are exercising free gymnastics in the forest!


No good news today
the same team photographer / model ,
taking a break from being happy
title=”No good news today” by
*•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•* / masa_kores

for to translate the German part into English
I’ve added an html-code (only google-machine):
translate good German to bad English

Man benötigt eigentlicht nicht viel, um glücklich zu sein. Die einen verschulden sich zwar mit dem Kauf eines Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, verzetteln sich in der Finanzierung von Bauvorhaben oder Kreuzfahrt-Reisen, anderen aber genügt eine Freundschaft oder ein Musikinstrument, ein Fotoapparat oder ein Computer – oder einfach nur ein Yoga-Kurs oder kostenlose Gymnastik im Wald!
and creativity, it soaks my soul, I asked not to be alone.
title=”and creativity, it soaks my soul, I asked not to be alone.” by *•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•*
if you like philosophy, please read my essays on EPICURUS Epicurus (English) + Epikur (deutsch)

new home, much work to do
Hallway of Hope, Beelitz Heistätten near BERLIN, by Barbara Fritze

like masa kores (the three photos above) my wife barbara enjoys to make photo shootings in abandoned architecture. for example the following “HALLWAY OF HOPE” in the abandoned BEELITZ Heilstätten near BERLIN. the location is often used for movie-productions of the nearby BABELSDORF film studios …

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11 responses to “Gym with anti-BEELITZ mood

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  2. yeah, Beelitz ROCKS!!! 🙂


  3. your abandoned series rock too,
    Masa Kores in Ljubljana!
    another rainy day
    photo title=”another rainy day
    by *•●☆★☆ bumble~bee ☆★☆●•*
    = masa kores, Ljubljana
    1963, a long time ago, I’ve been in Ljubljana,
    arrived with a train from Germany,
    had some espresso-like black coffee there in the train-station,
    made my first foreign pictures (slide, Kodak film)
    of Gypsy children in the streets of Ljubljana,
    they were playing guitar;
    then I moved on to Dobrovnik with a ferry-ship …


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  7. somehow related (the direct eye contact as portrait style?)

    a portrait by Antonio Serna


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