Kitchen Nude by Sol Lang

The Greatest Perfection is Imperfection
The Greatest Perfection is Imperfection Originally uploaded by Sol Lang title: The Greatest Perfection is Imperfection – The photographer Sol Lang comments himself: And in all imperfection there is perfection. It is a strange dichotomy. Hard and soft, rough and smooth, beauty and ugliness. All are opposites and yet the same. The same because the duality of existence lives in all of us. – Visit his website: at EroticArt Sol Lang writes: I’ve been getting much resistance for my erotic art. It took me some time to arrive at calling it “my erotic art”. – video featuring Sol Lang in his kitchen with the model Kerri Taylor, title “KITCHEN STOMP”

There are some Blues lyrics with titles like “Come on in my kitchen” or “Make me down a pallet on your floor” sung by Mississippi John Hurt or other old masters of Blues guitar roots. And what about the pictures, coming up in one’s head, listening to such a music? Sol Lang made some interesting series…
P.S.: I think, they are good illustrations to such old Blues music, maybe for a modern BLUES cover, if the music company is bold enough; I’m sorry to say, that it is still easier to sing some dirty blues lyrics than to show some fine art female nude for our eyes.

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24 responses to “Kitchen Nude by Sol Lang

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  2. having seen beauty like this, a man can die happy. RT


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  14. compare
    photo also by Sol Lang
    Isabella under sky
    title=”Isabella under sky”


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  16. I can’t believe you only got one like on this post – was everyone asleep? Fantastic photo with a great narrative. I wasn’t blogging when it originally went up but do love it now…


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