Marx and Engels with irony

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels monument in fro...

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video, me on guitar!
Lullaby for MARX and Engels

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Lullaby for MARX and Engels

BERLIN impressions (1) video 1:09 – backside of a MARX + Engels sculpture, BERLIN – together with the TV-tower “Alexanderturm” – and me, trying to play a LULLABY (Mr. Sandman) on my guitar for the great philosophers – because their actuality is gone after the fall of the BERLIN WALL, the complete IRON CURTAIN: now capitalism and conservatism rule in Germany completely …
I like this sculpture in Berlin – because Friedrich Engels, who was born in Wuppertal like me, is not mentioned very much there in that West German city – but still in Berlin, East Germany – the former communist part of Germany; of course I know, that the days of MARXISM are gone – too much bad things happened under the rules of communism – but on the other hand: neo-conservatism and rough capitalism are doing many harm to the people worldwide too – so, when I’m singing a good bye to Marx and Engels it is still a little bit friendly – and sadly: sad, because many good ideas of this philosophical writers turned bad in the reality of administrations, “apparatschiks”, despotic politicians …


translate the following German to English

Friedrich Engels gilt in Wuppertal zum Beispiel, in der Stadt, in der sowohl er als auch ich geboren wurde, sehr sehr wenig. Aber in Berlin hat man ihm ein Mordsdenkmal errichtet – in Ost-Berlin natürlich. Ich wundere mich, dass er nicht zusammen mit seinem Freund Karl MARX und dem Palast der Republik gleich mit entsorgt wurde. Aber er steht noch. Attraktion für allerlei Touristen aus China und Cuba. Und ich kann ihm somit noch einmal ein Ständchen bringen – obwohl sein Einfluss wohl mittlerweile abgelaufen ist. Vielleicht packt man eine Gregor Gysi – Skulptur in 100 Jahren dabei? Wer weiß…

and now the TRACTOR music, I’ve found on youtube:

the Swedish TRACTOR band;
the drummer is such a cute fellow!
tell me, if you didn’t smile after listening …

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13 responses to “Marx and Engels with irony

  1. for to translate the German part into English I’ve added an html-code:
    translate German to English


  2. That tractor TOTALLY reminds me of ‘Mater in the Disney flick Cars! What a great little vid. As for politics and philosophies, it seems we will never and can never have a perfect system because man is flawed. We are not perfect thus our systems are never perfect. But in my opinion, that’s what makes us so interesting; amidst even horror, miracles can and do happen.


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  4. é bom e interesante recordar o passado, para entender-mos o dia a dia do presente…


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