Optimism important for social networks

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Sometimes I fear, that I could be too small to come through – but nevertheless I am trying – maybe this macro-photo is not related to that optimism, maybe small insects do not have any will to survive, nevertheless if big or not – but this photo started my philosophical mood! In Greece, that starting point of European philosophy – maybe even small animals are proud to live in the land of Socrates and Epicurus, Plato and Homer? shot was made (and ironically titled “HULLO!”) by: macropoulos / Stavros Markopoulos, Heraklion, Crete, Greece


for to translate the German part into English I’ve added an html-code:
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Ich beschäftige mich gern mit der Philosophie des Existentialismus und mit der dort integrierten Hypothese, dass man sich durchbeißen sollte durch Widerwärtigkeiten mit Courage und Engagement. Vielleicht können Lebewesen dieser Größenordnung das nicht nachempfinden – eventuell aber durchaus doch, wenn sie in der Wiege der abendländischen Kultur und Philosophie, in Griechenland beheimatet sind.

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11 responses to “Optimism important for social networks

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  2. related:
    a positive attitude is very important for social networks.
    that’s why I like some blogger-pages – and that’s the reason,
    why I play weekly guitar with my friends …


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