22 responses to “Nude Portrait

  1. Interesting question…I shall bypass the details like “What kind of photo exhibit” “Who’s the audience” etc. and just go off of my first reaction. I’ll also say that I am a heterosexual woman, since that can color likes/dislikes.

    The model is beautiful – breasts, arms, neck – her lines are lovely as is the composition of the first photo. And, surprisingly for me, the first photo isn’t at all provocative; her breasts are visible, but there is nothing about the pose that is suggestive; it’s more as if she is looking in a mirror for her “best side.” The second photo has much less about it that I like, which is surprising because I usually would say I’d rather look at someone covered up, leaving more to the imagination. But in this instance, I prefer the first nude.


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  7. kweide

    Yes, that is what i call “emotional layer” made visible !
    Well done…


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  14. Imogen Shepard

    I would say ‘Nude’ as I find both the male and female bodies an expression of beauty and to be celebrated, if done as in this case tastefully as opposed to what we are bombarded with in the media which I find no representation of what pure beauty really is.

    When I used to draw mt favourite was always life drawing and it matter not how the body looks-it’s ‘us’, it is what we are all underneath and unique. So tasteful nude for me anyday.


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