Darwin Ranking

Charles Darwin
(Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
in his later years. Photo by
J. Cameron, 1869. Uploaded
by David Haggard, on Flickr

my favorite writer is Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, he once wrote:

After the humans comes the ape, – after an immeasurable gap in the system of the Zoology. If however a Linné wanted to re-arrange according to animals’ luck blessedness, comfort of their understanding p.p, then some humans would rank on a position far below the miller donkeys and hunting dogs

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Portrait of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Image via Wikipedia

Nach dem Menschen kommt in dem System der Zoologie der Affe, – nach einer unermesslichen Kluft. Wenn aber einmal ein Linné die Tiere nach ihrer Glückseligkeit, Behaglichkeit ihres Verstandes p.p. ordnen wollte, so kämen doch offenbar manche Menschen (weit) unter die Mülleresel und Jagdhunde zu stehen…
Chimp Chimpanzee Ape

Chimp Chimpanzee Ape – originally uploaded by doug88888

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