Air Force

for sure it is a great triumph of engineering, that the mankind got the knowledge how to fly like a bird; but it is a shame for the mankind, that it is so often used for wars …

for to translate the German part into English
I’ve added an html-code (only google-machine):
translate good German to bad English

Natürlich muss man den Hut ziehen vor der technischen Intelligenz, die die Menschheit nun ungebremst durch die Lüfte jagen lässt – aber man sollte sich schämen dafür, dass diese Intelligenz sich derart häufig dämlichen Kriegsführungs-Ideen unterordnet ….

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    The Harriers come calling !
    title=”The Harriers come calling ! ”
    by jayspost, on Flickr


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    Salvaged Skyhawk Cockpit
    title=”Salvaged Skyhawk Cockpit”
    by Telstar Logistics, on Flickr


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    wrong parking place
    title=”wrong parking place”
    by onkel_wart, on Flickr


  4. sent to my group BLOG IT!
    MIDDAY..:::..In The Garden…
    title=”MIDDAY..:::..In The Garden…
    by Never Was An Arrow II, on Flickr


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