The photographer Flea / Emanuela succeeds with a surreal conception, with subtle psychological, archaic, fantastic ideas of body placements: transporting an inner world of feelings into our mainstream world of spectators. The metaphorical, visual messages surprise each sensitive viewer with the fact, that her pictures, already sunken away, suddenly, after weeks are rising again into our current consciousness. With secret intelligence ref. for example to a dead fish, Emanuela like a female S. Dali makes photos unforgettable. The female photographer Flor Garduno, Switzerland & Mexico, she works in a similar style: She uses fishes as a tie or a Cartridge Belt or for the hairs of a “Medusa“. A sword fish’s head combined with a female nude are applications, which could come out of the mind of the FLICKR-member Emanuela too. Many compositions have a two-piece visual syntax: one symbol is added to a female semi-nude composition. One may dig deeply into the soul’s bottom, searching for the meaning of long fishes in the near of female nakedness. However: Flea changes the stupid patterns of nude photography. This business usually is controlled by male photographers. Flea: she is the chance, to discover a new, female point of view! I’m sure, Flea has occasionally a tendency to cynicism. Why not: the photos are better than the thousands without any humor.


Was trägt ein ganzheitliches Erkennen am besten voran? Sprache, Musik, Traum-Protokolle, ein bestimmter, konsequent gewählter Lebensstil, die Malerei, die Photographie? Oft kann ich mich schwer zwischen den Möglichkeiten entscheiden – am günstigsten ist vielleicht ein befruchtendes Nebeneinander aller Faktoren. Vom Song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” (The Beatles) über Sigmund Freuds Traumprotokolle bis hin zu den neuesten Experimenten digitaler Fotografie …

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writer, photographer, guitarist

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