Clash of civilizations

it's summer finally!
it’s summer finally! – photo by bass_nroll
A male face like Prince Charles having a flirt; living without any sorrows at least; and in his back there’s the flabbergasting walking dignity herself. Surely not rich, at least no tourist with visa card: the paradoxical clash of civilizations, societies, of rich and poor, of people IN Europe and those, who are often sent back again without a passport; but they should be proud nevertheless: during the tourists have to buy suntan oil, the African people effortlessly present natural beauty, even clothed.

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12 responses to “Clash of civilizations

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  7. Perfect summer photo, frizztext!


  8. Mooi photo @Frizz, gauw maar zomer 😀


  9. A satricial picture that shows a culture clash. It also shows a savvy business woman who knows where and how to market her colorful products.


  10. Whata great Summer image!


  11. Just set a new travel theme challenge I’d love you to join in, if you have the time! Pass it on, everyone’s welcome 🙂 xxx Ailsa


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