Cologne Cathedral

Now 65 years have gone since I was born 1945 in this Germany. Thanks, that some things have changed in the meantime …
Cologne Cathedral During WWII
Cologne Cathedral During WWII Originally uploaded by The Rocketeer
These were no good times, in 1945, when I was born. Three weeks after my birth I was given into an orphanage. The survival chances of children in care was 5 percent. In this respect I’ve had bad luck at all. What has changed in the last 65 years in Germany is pleasing a lot – material. Spiritual unfortunately not enough for my taste. A current catastrophe is the increasing non-solidarity of the society , its formal division by the arrogance of neo-conservatism. We are again involved in wars (Afghanistan). I think Germany should not join a war, never, after what had already happened in two world wars. When will they learn?
cologne cathedral
title=”cologne cathedral” photo by Frizztext, on Flickr

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17 responses to “Cologne Cathedral

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  8. related:
    as I went to school 1951 in the post war Germany there was once a week for all children a little bit chocolate – coming from the United States, Care packet. A very friendly gesture I think … me and my wife will never forget …


  9. You are very tough and fortunate.
    I can’t imagine how you went through hard time.


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  13. Hallo,
    dein Beitrag hat mich noch einmal daran erinnert, dass ich wirklich in einer ganz anderen Welt groß geworden bin, als mein Papa und meine Mama. In letzter Zeit wird mir immer mehr bewusst, dass man sich bei Streitigkeiten daran erinnern sollte. Oft versteht man dann viel besser, warum eine andere Generation anders denkt.
    Viele Grüße


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  16. I loved visiting Köln in 1993…I spent Christmas there that year while I was living in Firenze. I walked the wide streets (so CLEAN after living in Italy!), wrapped in woolens, arm in arm with a German violinist on whom I had a secret crush. His broken but charming English, me with my red cheeks and wide, laughing mouth, full of possibility.


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