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frizztext comment: sometimes it is very difficult for me to understand what Christians are doing – but every year during the Christmas season I’ll become a little bit inconsistent … more at communities

Häufig tue ich mich recht schwer damit, das Christentum in manchen seiner Absurditäten zu begreifen, aber ich gebe zu: alljährlich zur Weihnachtszeit werde ich da ein wenig inkonsequent. Immanuel Kant wird sich deshalb hoffentlich nicht extra im Grabe umdrehen …
The Passion, Paris
title=”The Passion, Paris” by s i a m / Marji Lang visit her Blog

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  1. I came across your blog, i think your website is interesting, keep us posting.


  2. I see you got talent in writing posts. Waiting for more articles


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  4. kuuan / Andreas, Osaka, Japan
    sent to my group PARADOX:

    frizztext: yes, we have had one Jesus, but several series, coming out of a factory?


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    1966: John Lennon Is Critical of Christianity
    When he was quoted in an American teen magazine saying that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus,” many Fab Four fans in the United States (especially across the Bible Belt) were outraged by what they deemed as sacrilege, and held public burnings of the band’s records. (The quote had been taken from a longer article in a British newspaper, in which Lennon discussed his views on Christianity and what he saw as its doomed future.) The controversy soon spread worldwide, with the Vatican denouncing Lennon; the furor grew so huge that the Beatle offered an apology of sorts. But decades later, many stars are unapologetic and open about their religious leanings or lack thereof (as is the case with Daniel Radcliffe, Jodie Foster, Javier Bardem, and several other famous atheists).


  11. Somethings never cease to amaze me.


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