Wikiloops as a cultural concept

“Haddock, Adu and Hurzel jamming with Frizzguitar”

After participating on YouTube, soundcloud, icompositions or reverbnation I’m completely excited by, because the concept there is very communicative: musicians from all over the world can add their talents to your tracks – and otherwise you can join them as well for a (virtual) jam session! Below the portrait which I took from the wikiloops founder DICK:

Beside the music: consider, how important it is for some countries to have internet access trying to get a broader cultural horizon – wikiloops is a big chance too (YouTube and twitter for example are still blocked in Turkey); an institution like the European commission should support concepts like wikiloops with some money – because this dialogue concept of wikiloops is such a great platform supporting musicians to connect with creative minds in other countries! Wikiloops for me is a good attitude versus the right-wing protest as recently seen during European election in France, UK, NL etc. – wikiloops is not only music, it’s a lifestyle manifest too, supporting a peaceful social and political future. – read more following the comments:

related: my wikiloops account:


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